How To Take Care Of Birds To Be Diligent To Speak

Having birds that are diligent in singing is certainly very desirable for every bird owner. Actually there are 3 factors that can increase the birds diligently singing, namely character or breed, care patterns and environment as well as food and drinks.
While how to care for birds to be diligent in singing can actually be done in various ways. The more frequent and varied birds sing, the price will also be higher so that bird care is very important to do.
The thing you need is consistency, more patience, tenacity and also understand well what are the characteristics of pet birds because different types of birds are also different characters. For those of you who want to take care of birds or beginners, please refer to the review this time about how to care for birds to be diligent in singing below.

1. Condensation
The first way to treat birds so that they are diligent in singing is by condensation carried out before the birds are dried in the sun, which must also be done on how to keep lovebird birds. In the morning around 5 a.m., bird cages can be placed on tree branches so birds can get fresh air to improve breathing. Condensation is very important to do so that birds can feel the environment like their native habitat and the atmosphere of the morning is indeed very popular for birds to sing diligently.

2. Morning and Evening Drying
In contrast to how to care for pigeons that can be sprouted, in addition to the condensation process carried out in the morning, then the birds must also be dried in the sun at around 7 in the morning so they can get enough sunlight and the body of the bird can be warmer. Drying birds is also very important because the sun is a natural source of vitamin D for birds as well as a way to get rid of germs and fungi in the body and bird cages.

3. Cleaning the Enclosure
Cleaning the cage or bird cage is also the next important thing so that birds are diligent in singing because birds are very happy if their dwellings are kept clean of various impurities attached to the cage, including in how to care for the turtles. For that, cleaning the cage regularly is also the key to success so that birds can be diligent in singing.

4. Lift the Feed Container Before Sleeping
Lifting the feed container or pulling the voer before going to bed is useful so that when the bird wakes up in the morning, the food that will be digested for the first time is animal protein such as kroto or insects that are very good for forming character and mentality like living birds in the wild. Unplug voer is also useful so that birds can be more tame and prevent obesity so that eventually birds will be lazy to move and sing. This method is done by lifting the feed container when it is dark that is done every night around 7pm and the lights are kept on to prevent birds from singing in quiet and dark places.

5. Practice with a mirror
Caring for birds to be more diligent, such as how to treat kacer will be next is to use a mirror to train mentally sound birds as instincts of birds when they are rivaled because they see their reflection in the mirror. This treatment is not intended so that birds can sing in a beautiful voice, but train birds to dare to make a sound. The mirror can be hung on the cage wall, but note that if the bird gets angry, just bring the mirror close enough to avoid the feathers on the wings and tail falling out.

6. Get Closer With Similar Birds
Bird cages can also be brought closer to other bird cages of a kind known as mentrek. For this method, similar birds must be chosen that are balanced both in terms of age, appearance and so on. If you choose the wrong bird, the consequences can be fatal because birds can be stressed because they hear other birds singing better. Later, birds will be reluctant to sing and focus more on finding ways to escape because they feel depressed.

7. Place the Cage in the Crowd
Putting a bird cage in a crowded place aims to make the birds accustomed to these conditions and not easily stressed which must also be done on how to maintain a magpie. Cages or cages can be placed on the terrace or other places that are often passed. Also add some other cages so that birds can be more comfortable seeing other birds. This treatment is especially important if you want to include birds in a race where the area is very crowded.
If the bird cage is too long to be placed in a quiet place, it will make the birds cavort and more afraid of people. For this reason, putting birds in a crowded area must be done consistently, such as bringing to other friends who also care for birds, come to the race or hang in a crowded environment.