Pet Grooming Salon (Murdoch)

dog grommingA convenient service┬áthat offers skilled pet grooming at your own home location. You can come to our location in stunning Temecula, California or we will come to you in our new lovely, personally designed mobile grooming unit! This is just for grooming, I by no means take the noose off for drying, cause I’ve never seen a canine happy about their face being dried.

Canine groomers are accountable for sustaining a canine’s appearance, together with washing, drying, brushing, reducing and styling fur. We offer Cell Pet Grooming in addition to salon hours which can be 6 days every week to make sure your job as a pet parent is simple and handy!

The system ensures a radical and even saturation of your canine coat in a fast efficient method, the water pressure & temperature are managed at a setting most suitable for dogs, providing a deep, thorough and invigorating clear with the minimal stress on your dog.

Candidates who cross with 70{42f1f7d86e0761cb44412da43ef4f9873c2180210b9f9cc6bd8eac30a2003501} or larger are rewarded with the International Mannequin of Pet Grooming Distinction, and people who move with 86{42f1f7d86e0761cb44412da43ef4f9873c2180210b9f9cc6bd8eac30a2003501} or larger are deemed Worldwide Licensed Grasp Groomers. Not all forms of coat are suitable for clipping, i.e. double coats on breeds similar to Border Collies maintain the dog cool in summer season and warm in winter, and should not be clipped except the canine is matted.